you know, i really hate summer

white shirt/blouse with diy ribbon detail
chambray linen shorts
suede platforms

songs // bands
the naked and famous
coconut records
lykke li
fever ray
mercy arms
new order


everybody HAS to see (500) days of summer

ive finished school and exams for the year ( im not counting the week of monitored photography work at the end of november). its a really good feeling, but i dont feel that satisfaction yet, like i normally do after finishing a years worth of work. fingers crossed itll start sometime

i need a haircut. im seriously considering getting aggys cut for summer. any ideas?

man i am the worst blogger ever. alicenewswriting isnt going well today.

this is genius. kudos to jane of sea of shoes for making my day by first posting this link.

tell me about your summer plans ?


ps i hate mosquitos
pps you suck.

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