its my party, ill cry if i want to

natalie portman for V magazine - utterly gorgeous

camilla belle in alexander mcqueen /10 . SO PRETTY
speaking of mcqueen
LADY GAGA WORE THE SHOES . (check out her video for bad romance) its swimming in mcqueen
- very sad news about a super gorgeous brand Luella -
- i just watched the latest 30 seconds to mars video for their single 'kings and queens'. okay so i know everyone goes on about how douchey jared leto is and rarara, but i actually really like the song and their videos are always more like small visual wonders as opposed to three minutes of boring.
- slightly freaking out about my photography exam at the end of november. im going into school a lot and working on it then, i just hope i get everything done and looking how i want it to.
- i still need a haircut
i have something VERY VERY VERY exciting that on my next blog, yes, its so exciting it gets its very own blog
shizerminelli. i still fail at blogging

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